Episode 8: Top 3 in 10 with the NB Medical Society

Andrew MacLean from the NB Medical Society works in health promotion.

Top 3 in 10 is a campaign that aims to get NB to be one of the top 3 healthiest provinces in Canada in 10 years. Looking at the health indicators right now, NB is in the bottom 3, so this campaign was launched to focus on the health systems that surround us – poverty, literacy, where we work, where we live, our education, family size and how we are supported by our social structure and how those things affect our health choices (Social Determinants of Health). The ideal goal is to engineer the healthy choice to be the easy choice.

We get sick at the same general age that we used to, but now we are able to stay alive but unhealthy for a lot longer. Obesity is a main impact factor for things like Diabetes, Renal Failure, COPD, and lots of other reasons that land us in hospital.

The Medical Society asked for feedback from the public regarding the kinds of things in their lives that could change that would help them make better choices, things like ”I would be more likely to walk home if there were streetlights or the sidewalks were clear in the winter. “ These are things that government could change to make NBers healthier.  Over 1000 NBers submitted ideas!

The NB Medical Society has been working with the NB government and has also submitted ideas to the federal government, as well as with municipalities. The hope is that in the near future, the NB Government will respond with a plan of action.


Top 3 in 10: https://www.nbms.nb.ca/leadership-and-advocacy/helping-new-brunswickers-live-healthier-lives/top3in10/

NB Docs Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NBDocs
Social determinants of health : http://cbpp-pcpe.phac-aspc.gc.ca/public-health-topics/social-determinants-of-health/

Andrew’s top 3:

Favourite place: The next one. His job involves traveling and talking to people all over the province, and every time he goes on a road trip, he learns something new about a community. All kinds of NB places have something neat to offer!
Favourite food: Generally food he bakes with his kids. Baking with his kids is one of the most fun activities they do, especially chocolate chip cookies, which he also gives away.

Favourite activity: Running! He doesn’t love winter running but he runs on an indoor track in Fredericton and brings sneakers with him so he can get exercise when he’s on the road.