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The Best of NB Pocket Cards is an initiative of the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition of NB. The Best of NB Pocket Cards are a result of HEPAC’s collective infrastructure and collaboration involving key members Recreation NB, Parks NB, , Physical Literacy NB, and GNB’s Wellness Branch. These Pocket Cards showcase a series of activities and recipes that aim to support front-line leaders of children and youth in promoting outdoor play, physical literacy and healthy eating. The activities included in these cards provide a sneak peek into some of New Brunswick’s most useful resources in the fields of recreation, health and wellness.

The Pocket Cards are composed of 20 physical activity cards and 8 healthy eating recipes which are written in a user-friendly format to promote play and proper nutrition.

This FREE resource can be downloaded Pocket Card Games   & Pocket Card Recipes

The Legend Card walks you through all of the terms and icons found on the Physical Activity Cards.

Legend Front Card

Lengend Card Back


The physical activity cards  are designed to promote exploration, learning and play in New Brunswick’s natural environment.

Each card highlights the type of space you will need, the average time to complete the game, energy level required, age suitability, and group size to play the game. Each game comes from  a highlight New Brunswick resource. For example,  Right Whale: Relay Race is part of the GetOutside! NB Green Book: A  Guide To Connecting To Nature Through Parks.

Right Whale Fron

The cards guide you “Step by Step” through the activity along with variations of the game. Each game identifies the Fundamental Movement Skills that are being developed for the players taking part in the game.

Right Whale Back

Each package of cards come with 8 healthy eating recipes that will encourage you to have healthy snacks while you play, and  give you the energy you need for any adventures. Each recipe comes from a highlight New Brunswick resource.  The following healthy eating recipe came from the CHEFS! Tool Kit,  in conjunction with the Government of New Brunswick and the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick.

Food 1 Front

Food1 Back

DOWNLOAD THE CARDS HERE!  Pocket Card Games & Pocket Card Recipes

Do you have an idea for a game or a healthy eating recipe you would like to have in future packs of the The Best of NB Pocket Cards?  Fill out the form below and we will let you know if your idea will be part of future versions of the Pocket Cards.

The Best of NB Pocket Cards Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in The Best of NB Pocket Cards ! Please fill out the form below to submit your game or recipes.
  • What is the objective of the game ? What are you trying to cook/bake ?
  • Where the game will be played ?
  • How much energy is required from the group to play ? How difficult is it to create the recipes ?
  • How many people do you need to play the game ? How many people can eat the food ?
  • What is the minimum age to take part?
  • How much time does it take to complete the game/recipe?
  • What will you need to play the game or create the recipe?
  • How to play the game/ The instructions or recipe to cook the food.

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