Who We Are


For all New Brunswickers

Founded in 2003, the Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick (HEPAC) is a network of organizations and individuals working together to promote healthy active lifestyles for the people of New Brunswick.

The coalition is made up of member organizations from around the province that have a stake in health and wellness.

The steering committee provides strategic direction for the coalition, and its members are selected from both provincial government departments and non-government organizations.

HEPAC is committed to working collaboratively to support the creation of environments in N.B. that promote healthy eating and physical activity.

Through the support of local wellness networks, HEPAC will help to strengthen the ability of New Brunswickers to impact the wellness levels in their own communities through:

  • Knowledge Exchange: We share relevant information through webinars, workshops & our website.
  • Leadership: We connect like-minded individuals and organizations to help achieve wellness goals.
  • Support for healthy environments: We provide tools and support that contribute to improved community capacity.

Our vision is for all New Brunswickers to lead a healthy lifestyle.