Creating Breastfeeding-Friendly Places and Environments: Learn how to support breastfeeding.

Topic: Creating Breastfeeding-Friendly Places and Environments: Learn how to support breastfeeding. Summary: This webinar is for stakeholders that have an influence in various settings and could implement actions and initiatives that show breastfeeding is welcomed. The settings could include; Recreation […]

Parks & Trails Day 2018

  Listen Here Learn about this province-wide event is an opportunity to promote healthy, active living in your community while celebrating the many incredible outdoor spaces in our province.

Unlock the Power of Food

March is Nutrition Month. Join dietitian Jessica Sargent to learn how to “Unlock the Power of Food.” Jessica will also discuss the work of Dietitians of Canada members in New Brunswick to advance health through food and nutrition.   Listen […]

Positive Mental Health

Discover what we know in our communities that can support Positive Mental Health. Learn about how to enhance the protective factors of individuals (early childhood to seniors) and within communities to improve mental health while building resilience and social capital […]


GetOutside!NB is a province-wide initiative to connect youth and families to nature through Parks. This webinar will introduce you to GetOutside!NB’s history, philosophies and practices in hopes of connecting you to New Brunswick’s beautiful outdoors! Listen Here 

Nurturing Families in New Brunswick

Nurturing Families in New Brunswick: The role we can play in prevention,  education, and support in a family setting and how this contributes to wellness. We will present programs offered by the Family Resource Centres with a focus on wellness, […]

Heart Healthy Schools Initiative

  Join us for a webinar on the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick’s Heart Healthy Schools initiative. Learn how this program is supporting schools to promote health in the context of their healthy built environment, where schools benefit from resources, […]

Healthy Built Environments: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Healthy Built Environments: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice. This webinar will review what the built environment is and how it impacts health. It will also explore what is a healthy built environment and some of the potential “co-benefits” […]

For the 2016-2017 academic year, four Renaissance College students partnered with the New Brunswick Public Health Dietitians to attempt to find a solution to the growing problem of unhealthy food and beverage options in recreational facilities. To do this, the […]

Nourishing Minds

Nourishing Minds New Brunswick: Planting Seeds for the Future Nourishing Minds New Brunswick aspires to ensure that all children in New Brunswick public schools are well nourished and ready to be their best. Join us on “insert date “to find […]


Listen HERE   

Top 3 healthiest provinces in 10 years

This webinar discussed the NB Medical Society’s Top 3 healthiest provinces in 10 years initiative. If you could make one change that would make it easier for New Brunswickers to be healthy, what would it be? There are many reasons why […]

Climate Change and Health: Impacts, implications and responses.

Dr. Trevor Hancock is a public health physician and health promotion consultant and is currently a Professor and Senior Scholar at the new School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria. He is one of the […]

Food Security and Insecurity in New Brunswick: Portrait, Challenges, and Perspectives

Date: Monday, October 31st, 2016 It is difficult to eat healthy or to have enough to eat when food prices increase twice as fast as the cost of living.  Community initiatives aimed at reducing hunger or at increasing food security […]

NB Physical Literacy: Creating a quality physical literacy experience webinar

This webinar will review what physical literacy is and how you can create a quality physical literacy experience during your sessions and programs. The NB Physical Literacy Coalition advocates and facilitates the best understandings and applications of physical literacy and fundamental […]

Farm to School NB Learning Lab- Recording

Are you passionate about getting healthy local foods into the minds and onto the plates of students? Did you miss the Farm to School NB Learning Lab? Not to worry! Join us for our next webinar on June 27th 2016. […]

Take a 100 Meal Journey

The Tips & Ideas provided in these presentation notes (e.g. activity or demo ideas) are suggestions. You won’t have time and it may not make sense to do all the activity ideas. Embrace those that you can relate to the […]

Take it Outside Webinar Recording

This webinar walks viewers through the “Take it Outside” project which was piloted at Under One Sky, the Aboriginal Head Start centre for off-reserve Aboriginal pre-school aged children in the greater Fredericton area from 2014-2016. This successful project is now […]

Taking S.M.A.R.T. Steps to Reach Your Wellness Goals

In this webinar, we’ll look at how to reach your Wellness Goals , by taking S.M.A.R.T steps. View this presentation: Taking S.M.A.R.T. Steps to Reach Your Wellness Goals Note: Want to be notified of upcoming webinars like this one? Enter your […]

How to Survive the Holidays

In this webinar, we’ll look at how the holiday season can impact our health, both mentally and physically.  We’ll give you some tips to stay on track so you can still enjoy the season. This webinar is presented by Annie Roussel, […]

Understanding Active Transportation in New Brunswick: Its Role in an Age-Friendly Built Environment

The webinar summarizes key findings from a project that was undertaken by the University of New Brunswick to understand active transportation in the urban and rural contexts of New Brunswick. A series of case studies of New Brunswick municipalities were […]

Promoting food security as a pillar of wellness in New Brunswick

“Educate to Activate”, promoting Food Security as a pillar of wellness in New Brunswick. What do we need to know? Where do we get resources? How do we get connected? View this presentation: Promoting Food Security as a pillar of […]

What is “Physical Literacy”?

Childhood obesity and rising inactivity among children threatens the future health of Canada. For kids to get physically active, they need to feel confident in activity settings. That confidence stems from having learned fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills […]

How Public Health is helping businesses support breastfeeding mothers

Public Health is partnering with a growing number of business and organizations to support mothers to feel comfortable to breastfeed whenever and wherever they choose.

“Learn to Run for Smokers” replaces a poor lifestyle habit with a better one

The “Learn to Run for Smokers” program is especially designed for people who smoke or have quit smoking and want to improve their physical health.

Why the Make Menus Matter campaign changed the conversation about food in N.B. schools

Does rurality, language, income level, or culture matter? What three challenges keep many schools from complying? And what’s next for this project?

Eating Well from 9-5: feel energized all day long

Every year, Nutrition Month is celebrated throughout the month of March. This year’s theme, Eating Well from 9 to 5, encouraged healthy eating at the workplace and in other activities. Eating well outside of your home can be challenging. This webinar will […]

How The PLAYBOOK can enhance local after school programs and build a healthier, happier province.

In this webinar, Recreation NB’s Tara Werner provides an overview of the completed and recently released NB PLAYS! Playbook.  NB PLAYS! has a game plan for creating a healthier, happier province through quality after school programming. The program is a New Brunswick–led […]

Watch: Oh Sugar! webinar

This presentation will look at the astonishing amount of sugar in the food supply today and arm you with the tools you need to lower your sugar intake and in turn lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. By the end […]

Watch: NB PLAYS! After School Hours Toolkit webinar from Recreation NB

In this webinar, Recreation NB’s Tara Werner gives a sneak peak of the NB PLAYS! After School Hours Toolkit. This toolkit is a resource designed for front-line leaders on the importance of quality active after school programming and its influence […]