Episode 2: Physical Literacy the A,B,C’s of learning how to move

On this months Podcast we have Cindy Levesque. Cindy has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Masters in Science specialized in exercise and sport science and is currently the provincial physical literacy consultant for New Brunswick and will be talking about: What is physical literacy ? Why is it important? What is the current status of Physical Literacy ?

What is physical literacy?
Physical literacy is physical competence, confidence and motivation to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical activity for life. Essentially it is when a child acquires fundamental movement skills and has the opportunity to try them in a variety of different environments (in air, water, on ground, on ice and snow) and have the confidence and motivation to continue to engage in physical activity and understand that it is important to do so.

Why is it important?
It is the foundation to participation in physical activity and fitness. A person who has an increased physical activity level will be able to successfully engage in the activity of their choice (performance sports, perform a job with physicality to performing activities of daily living and injury prevention). Learning the ABC’s of movement before stringing the movements together to perform a task.

It is a journey: you don’t stop learning how to move for your entire life; movements that are needed throughout the lifespan tend to change

What is the current status of Physical Literacy in NB?
According to curriculum outcomes, children between 5-12 need to have a score of “acquired” or greater in the 6 basic skills (using the Passport for Life tool) to be successful. In NB, only 11% of children have met that target.

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