Episode 6: Community Development with Marchell

Marchell Coulombe is a community developer in the Fredericton area Horizon Health Network.  There are currently 9 Community Developers working throughout the province, with plans to add a few more. Together, the network of community developers cover all regions within Horizon Health Network.

Community developers work with community groups, agencies, not for profits in partnership with the health authorities and government departments. They help bring people together to sell the case that we are all part of the health outcomes of our province.

-Focus is less about service delivery and more about population health. 80-90% of the reasons we are well or unwell are not because of direct health service but more about the social determinants of health and the environments in which people live.

-Larger scale interventions that affect the health of the broader population (poverty, food security, transportation, affordable housing, zoning)

-Less on personal health behaviours and understanding that people make decisions based on the circumstances around them

-People do better when they are a central part of the planning process. Get to know where you live and meeting your neighbours.

Social determinants of health: http://cbpp-pcpe.phac-aspc.gc.ca/public-health-topics/social-determinants-of-health/

Jim Diers: http://www.neighborpower.org/

**who is the other guy? John McKnight – http://www.abundantcommunity.com/home/home.html

Scott McAfee : https://twitter.com/smacafee?lang=en

Community Health Needs Assessments: http://en.horizonnb.ca/home/media-centre/publications/community-health-needs-assessment-reports.aspx

My community at a Glance: https://www.nbhc.ca/community-profiles#.Wm8nHGnwavE

**do you want your contact info? YES Marchell.coulombe@horizonnb.ca (506) 452-5656


Marchell’s top 3:

Favourite place in NB: Fredericton! And also Grand Bay-Westfield (the Ferry is PRETTY sweet)

Favourite food: A good salad also cashews. I realize it’s to late to make this less lame. though

Favourite activity: Riding her bike! And hanging out with her excellent 2.5 year old (aww)