Canada’s Food Guide Consultation – Phase 1

Through Canada’s Food Guide, Health Canada provides practical, evidence-based, healthy eating recommendations to help Canadians make food choices. Health Canada is revising Canada’s Food Guide to reflect new evidence and meet the needs of various audiences who use healthy eating recommendations.

In support of this initiative, Ipsos was commissioned by Health Canada to conduct Canada’s Food Guide Consultation, which seeks to inform Health Canada’s development and communication of healthy eating recommendations.

Canada’s Food Guide Consultation is being conducted over 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 in two phases. The findings of the consultation will contribute to the development and communication of a new suite of dietary guidance products that best support public health and is relevant and useful to stakeholders, including:

  • the general public
  • health professionals
  • policy-makers

The feedback collected throughout this consultation is one input into the revision.

This report presents a summary of what we heard from Phase 1 of Canada’s Food Guide Consultation. Ipsos analysed and reported on feedback submitted by participants via an eWorkbook that was available and completed online between October 24, 2016 and December 8, 2016.

Canada Food Guide Phase 1