Families & Children “in motion”

Active families have active children

about-familiesandchildrenResearch tells us this generation – your kids’ – could have a shorter and less healthy lifespan than their parents thanks in part to inactivity.


Are you OK with that? We’re not.


We play a very important role in our children’s lives as parents and caregivers. One of the best gifts we can give little ones is the gift of being active. Regular physical activity helps children build the foundation they need for a healthy life. Chances are some of your favorite childhood memories involve playing, being active or spending time outside. Sadly, that’s not the case for the majority of kids today.


Active families have active kids. Set an example by joining the movement to increase physical activity today. There are so many benefits to being active as a family. Why not experience the fun of being active together? Be a family “in motion!”


As parents and caregivers, we can:

  • educate children about the importance of physical activity and encourage them to be active
  • be an active role model – children learn from example
  • limit the time that children watch TV or play video/computer games
  • schedule a regular time for physical activity throughout the week and find places to be active at home, outside and in the community
  • look for ways to be active together and try new activities
  • volunteer to help with physical activity events at your child’s school or in the community


To learn more about the physical activity requirements for children, check out Canada’s Get Active tip sheets.