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The Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick (HEPAC) is a unique organization formed in 2003 by government and non-government stakeholders committed to healthy eating and physical activity in New Brunswick. HEPAC is guided by a Steering Committee that represents 18 stakeholder organizations (see list) with one full time staff managing HEPAC’s core and strategic work.

A need was expressed by Steering Committee members for a revised strategic plan to guide HEPAC in its work over the next five years. An external facilitator was retained and Steering Committee members participated in five planning activities that resulted in the development of HEPAC Strategic Plan: 2019-2024: Fostering Positive Change for Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in New Brunswick.

The plan has two core priorities that enables partners to collaborate to foster positive change related to healthy eating and physical activity:

  • Foster the coalition
  • Knowledge exchange

Foster the Coalition

Foster the coalition

Goal 1

Ensure Optimal HEPAC Structure

  • Review, clarify and solidify HEPAC structure (e.g., SC, Networks, Work Groups, Clarify ‘who’ is the coalition).

Foster the coalition

Goal 2

Build an Effective Coalition​

  • Ensure HEPAC Steering Committee, Networks and Work Groups are supported and functioning.
  • Facilitate and mobilize effective communication between key stakeholders (both internal HEPAC partners and external partners).

Foster the coalition

Goal 3

Ensure Financial Stability for HEPAC​

  • Review current financial status, including sources of funding.
  • Explore financial diversification

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Goal 1

Disseminate Evidence-based and Relevant Information to Stakeholders

  • Ensure opportunities for knowledge exchange within and between the Steering Committee, Networks, Work Groups and ad-hoc groups.
  • Clarify the target audience (s) for knowledge exchange efforts.
  • Create and maintain effective online knowledge exchange using various methods. 
  • Support effective outreach events.

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