Episode 23- The one where we talk about “Everybody Eats”

By: Andrew Holloway
Published May 13, 2019

Laura Reinsborough is the director of the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network, which is a provincial network. There are similar organizations in most provinces / territories. It is a non-government organization that exists to hold the conversation around food security. Food security looks at agriculture, environment, economy, social issues, and the community all around food. Food cuts across and connects all those issues.

The network holds the space for food security NB.

Laura grew up in Sackville, NB and lived in Toronto for about 12 years, where she started a non-profit that focused on living with people in the backyard. She recently moved back to NB and loves the power of food.

Everybody Eats: The NBFSAN has been around for many years in NB (local food, understanding ingredients, how to grow a garden, etc.). They wanted to take a look at this issue and where do you come from? together to a province to address these things. This involved conversations around the province, cooking table conversations and an online survey and gathered 500+ responses!

What people are most talking about were 4 key themes, and the top theme was Agriculture and Agricultural Potential in NB. Only 8% of the vegetables consumed are grown in NB and the average farmer in NB is 56, with many farmers growing out of the profession with no estate plan.

The NBFSAN is planning a symposium this fall (2018) that will be like a “roll up your sleeves and dig in” action planning workshop for people to really do some work on these issues and look at existing initiatives to see if they can get some heft behind them and look at getting provincial momentum behind them.

The NBFSAN is the network for all of this kind of information and more, so check them out! NBers are not waiting around for things to get moving so some existing initiatives are already up and running (there were 5 groups working around the province before the report, now there are 14!).

Laura’s top 3:
Favourite place in NB: Sackville, NB.  Lots of ecosystems come together there and people too!
Favourite food: Fiddleheads. They remind her to value her food and care for the land.

Favourite activity: Cross country skiing which is kind of like rollerblading yoga.


Laura’s former NGO in Toronto: Not far from the tree: https://notfarfromthetree.org/

Everybody eats- what we heard report: http://www.nbfoodsecurity.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/What-We-Heard-English-Final-1.pdf

NB Food Security Network: http://www.nbfoodsecurity.ca/

NBFSAN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NB-Food-Security-Action-Network-R%C3%A9seau-daction-sur-la-s%C3%A9curit%C3%A9-alimentaire-286049458082395/

NBFSAN Twitter: https://twitter.com/NBFoodSecurity
Sappyfest: http://www.sappyfest.com/

Published May 13, 2019
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