Episode 25: Season – The one where we talk about Our Food Southeast

By: Andrew Holloway
Published May 13, 2019

HEPAC Podcast Show Notes Jill Van Horne

Jill Van Horne is the network development coordinator for Our Food Southeast and also the co-chair for the provincial food security network, Food For All NB. Our food SENB supports the food movement in Westmoreland, Albert and Kent Counties. They promote working together, sharing knowledge, cultivating food initiatives and growing connections to make easier, fair and more sustainable food access a reality for everybody.

Our Food Southeast got started in 2011 when the Westmoreland-Albert Community Inclusion network had a community conversation and food security needs werehighlighted. A volunteer action committee came together with a shared vision and a coordinator was hired. They were able to help leverage about a million dollars forfood work since 2011 between grants, resources, and in-kind contributions. In 2014, the Ecology Action Centre’s Our Food Projectput out a request for proposals (RFP) to food actors outside of Nova Scotia , which was a great match with what was going on already. The Westmorland-Albert Food Security Action Group (WAFSAG) connected with Pays de Cocagne sustainable development group and Foods of the Fundy Valley and were successful in winning the RFP. In 2017, what was formerly known as WAFSAG has entered into the3rd and final phase of funding /partnership with the Ecology Action Centre which continues until 2020.

Jill’s top 3:

Favourite Place in NB: Castalia Marsh retreat in Grand Manan
Favourite food: Bulgogi

Favourite activity: Playing her guitar!

Our Food SENB: http://www.ourfoodsenb.ca/en/

Ecology Action Centre: https://ecologyaction.ca/

The Southeast NB Regional Food Pledge: http://www.ourfoodsenb.ca/en/take-the-pledge/

Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group: https://ecopaysdecocagne.ca/en/

Foods of the Fundy Valley : https://foodsofthefundyvalley.ca/

NB Health Council (Food Security Stats): https://www.nbhc.ca/

Food For All NB: www.foodforallnb.ca

Adventures in Local Food (Our Food Project/Our Food SENB blog):  https://adventuresinlocalfood.com/
Where Jill learned about the magic of having worms: https://thecompostess.com/2015/04/03/compost-city-book/
Castalia Marsh Retreat: https://www.castaliamarsh.com/
Good Korean restaurant in Halifax: https://www.facebook.com/halifaxbbq/ (I think?? Andrew? Confirm/deny?)

Published May 13, 2019
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