Episode 29: Season 5: Intuitive eating – I really do like cake (sometimes)

By: Andrew Holloway
Published July 11, 2019

HEPAC Podcast Show notes- Jasmine Leblanc

Jasmine Leblanc is a dietetic intern working in Public Health in Fredericton, through the Université  de Moncton. She will be done her internship in June 2019.

Intuitive eating is all about rejecting the whole dieting mentality and eating the foods you love without compromise! It’s about reconnecting with your body and listening to your body cues of hunger and fullness and working towards a healthy relationship with food.

The 10 principles of intuitive eating:

-Rejecting the diet mentality

-Honor your hunger (eat when you’re hungry)

-Make peace with food (so give yourself the permission to eat what your stomach desires)

-Challenge the food police (stop listening to the voices that does shaming for eating a certain food and negative thoughts around food)

-Feel your fullness (just like hunger, notice your body cues, when you are full and stop eating)

-Discover the satisfaction factor (eat what you really want)

-Cope with your feelings without using food

-Respect your body (accept your body for the way it is)

-Exercise: Feel the difference (do exercise not for weight-loss but because it feels good to get moving)

-Honor your health: gentle nutrition (eat healthy because it’s good for your body and the way it makes you feel)

Jasmine’s top 3:

Favourite place: Bennic- local ice cream shop in Dieppe

Favourite food: Ice cream! Not mint. Mint is for toothpaste only.

Favourite activity: Macfit in Dieppe


Intuitive Eating: https://www.intuitiveeating.org/

Bennic: https://www.bennic.ca/
MacFit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Martial-Arts-School/Macfit-Martial-Arts-Center-1467874550167872/[DHCU1] 

And in French: Karine Gravel: www.karinegravel.com    

 [DHCU1]that facebook page is actually not being used anymore… Unfortunately but you could keep it if they have questions I believe they could still get in touch with Sylvie the trainer that way… I will ask Sylvie about the best way to contact Macfit or even see if she could take the time to update the FB page and I’ll let you know (address is wrong, etc)

Published July 11, 2019
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