Episode 30: Season 5: Health Coaches – The one where Gill and Andrew set some health and wellness goals

By: Andrew Holloway
Published August 14, 2019
HEPAC Podcast Show Notes- Bekah and Lesley Bekah Young and Lesley Duguay are 2 health coaches with Live Well/Bien Vivre in the Fredericton area (Bekah) and Saint John (Lesley). Bekah has a BSc in Kinesiology and Lesley has a background in Psychology and Health Promotion. They work one on one with individuals in their communities on different health and wellness goals, looking at different barriers and challenges, and connecting their clients with community resources. They work toward empowering their clients and help them try to figure out how to achieve their goals, using a coaching approach vs an expert approach. This helps build confidence and with sustainability. This is a free program for anyone over 19 in NB. Goals help with accountability and help with figuring out the details of the goal. Another important thing is quantifying your goal, and ensuring it is specific. Breaking down the goal into smaller pieces and smaller goals is also helpful; health coaches can help get into specifics and actionable items within that goal, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces and also talk about logistics. Whatever you decide to do with a goal needs to come from you. One of the really common challenges this time of year is the weather, and the coaches work through those challenges- sometimes working WITH it instead of against it (so reframing walking outside to cross country skiing). It’s also really important in trying again- “getting back up” when you fall. The coaches don’t TELL their clients how to overcome their challenges, they want to help them identify those themselves and overcome them themselves. Clients have identified a few things as the most valuable parts of working with a coach: Increased confidence in their knowledge and abilities, increased self confidence, and increased self management skills. They also find value in the health coaches being an impartial person, who is not “too close” to their world, and value that the coaches meet clients where the client chooses, which makes for a non-judgmental environment. The coaches also address a confidentiality form and take privacy really seriously, which also helps clients feel more comfortable. You can connect with Live Well/Bien Vivre- there are 9 coaches around the province. Top 3: Bekah’s top 3: Favourite place: Devil’s Rock in Welsford and her parents’ camp Favourite food: Sushi and Cheese Favourite activity: Sports/hockey Lesley’s top 3: Favourite place: Anywhere she can take her dog on a walking trail, they try to pick a different location every week. They are hoping to check out the Midland Ice caves by Sussex! Favourite food: Seafood chowder Favourite activity: Yoga, specifically hot yoga Links Live Well/Bien Vivre: https://www.livewellbienvivre.ca/ Ice caves: http://www.hikingnb.ca/Trails/FundyEast/MidlandIce.html Raclette: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raclette Bekah’s FB Live Well/Bien Vivre Page: https://www.facebook.com/RYLWBV
Published August 14, 2019
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