HEPAC Small Grant Criteria

By: Andrew Holloway
Published January 5, 2021


The HEPAC Small Grant program is designed to assist HEPAC subgroup memberships (Healthy Eating Network, Physical Activity Network and the Healthy Built Environment Working Group) in carrying out a project or projects that support health of New Brunswickers.


Submitted projects must:


This program is subject to availability of funding.

  • Each HEPAC subgroup may apply for a one-year grant of up to $5000.
  • Multiple projects may be submitted from one HEPAC subgroup, but the total amount requested cannot exceed $5000.
  • Projects must be completed within one year from the time the grant has been awarded.
  • Applications are accepted at any time, there is no set deadline.
  • If seeking funding for multiple projects, submit one proposal for each project.


To be considered for funding, projects must:

  • Be led by at least 2 members of the subgroup;
  • Be approved and supported by members of the subgroup before submitting the proposal;
  • Be a new concept that is not currently being done by another group in the province OR be an ‘add-on’ to an existing project/ initiative;
  • Demonstrate the ability to have a broad sustained impact throughout the community, region or province.

Application process

Completed proposals are to be submitted to the info@hepac-csaap.ca. Applications are accepted at any time during the 2021 year.

Once the proposal is received, it will be reviewed by a small team of HEPAC members. A response to the subgroup’s request will be provided within 8 weeks of submission.

Final report

Grant recipients will be required to submit a Final Report within 1 month after the project is completed.  

Published January 5, 2021
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