“Learn to Run for Smokers” replaces a poor lifestyle habit with a better one

By: Andrew Holloway
Published January 6, 2019
In spring 2014, the Acadian Peninsula’s Anti-Tobacco Coalition (APATC) launched the first “Learn to Run for Smokers” program in New-Brunswick. This program first originated in Nova Scotia and continues successfully in different areas of the country via the Lung Association of Nova Scotia.

The “Learn to Run for Smokers” program is especially designed for people who smoke or have quit smoking and want to improve their physical health. This 8 week program consists of a weekly group meeting where participants attend a health conference and then complete an exercise session. After, the participants complete 2 individual weekly exercise sessions. At the end of the program, participants are able to complete a 5 km distance, either by walking or running. The objective of the program is to facilitate smoking cessation by replacing a poor lifestyle habit with a new and better one.

This webinar is a collaboration between HEPAC and the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition. Brigitte Ouellette will be presenting this webinar.

Brigitte Ouellette, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, has worked in the Acadian Peninsula since 1997. The last 13 years, her work at the Asthma Clinic and the Extra-Mural Program has brought her to be certified as an Asthma Educator and further on, as a Respiratory Educator. Meanwhile, she broadened her horizons to smoking cessation and joined the APATC.  As instigators of the “Quit to Win!” Challenge, the APATC offered the first “Learn to run for smokers” in New Brunswick last Spring (2014).

Published January 6, 2019
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