CHEF’S Facilitator’s Manual & Sessions 1 – 4

By: Andrew Holloway
Published January 27, 2020

Facilitator’s Manual


Welcome to CHEFS! For Older Adults; the kit that helps you teach older adults
about healthy eating and discover the joy of cooking and eating together. These
lessons and activities are designed to provide participants with the tools they need
to make more informed choices and get the most out of their food!

CHEFS! For Older Adults can be led by facilitators with little or no experience and
includes 2.5-hour sessions designed with older adults and seniors in mind. Upon
completion of the sessions in this kit, participants will have learned basic cooking
skills, practised handling and storing food safely, and discovered the benefits of
healthy eating. Learning is achieved through hands–on activities, lively discussions,
and sharing delicious, healthy foods prepared by the participants.


Session 1: Introductions, Kitchen and Food Safety

Session 2: Healthy Eating

Session 3: Eating Well for Less

Session 4: Enjoying Food

Published January 27, 2020
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